It's not always convenient to take your wallet with you wherever you go. Times like a morning run or bike ride, it can be easier to leave your cash and ID at home. What happens if you're out on a run and want to stop for a cup of coffee? What if you have a medical emergency or become injured during your trip? RumbaTime's series of GO-enabled watches aim to solve those problems by letting you bring your cash and all your medical information along with you wherever you go in a small colorful watch.

On the surface the watches look pretty normal, where the magic comes in is with the watch's hidden features.

Medical information for each watch owner is available via phone number. Each watch has a toll-free number printed on its side with an identification number printed below it. Should you be involved in an accident, medical personnel can call the number and find out who you are as well as any other medical information you have provided to RumbaTime.

While the medical feature is something you're likely to hope you never have to use, the contactless payment feature is something you'll look forward to taking advantage of. Once you order a watch, you can also order a separate chip for that watch online with your payment information stored on it. RumbaTime will ship you your unique chip, and once inserted in your watch you can use the watch like you might a credit card anywhere that accepts contactless payments. For instance, you can just swipe your watch beside the credit card system at some grocery stores and make a payment rather than pull out a traditional card or cash.

In addition to be useful for those who don't want to carry a wallet, it can also be helpful for people like children who don't have a traditional ID. Should a child become lost or injured, the watch can help responders get in touch with his or her parents and get the child back home.

The RumbaTime VanDam GO watch is available now in an assortment of colors for US$35.

RumbaTime's promo video below provides an outline of how to set up the watch:

GO from RumbaTime on Vimeo.

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