Something of the savannah came to London's South Bank last week, with the installation of a large treehouse. Inspired by a real South African safari lodge, the treehouse was created by Virgin Holidays in a bid to promote interest in its vacations.

Rising some 35 ft (10.6 m)-high off the ground, the treehouse draws design cues from the Lion Sands Game Reserve treehouse accommodation in South Africa, and is built primarily from wood, with access gained via an adjacent staircase.

The treehouse structure itself consists of two small hut-like volumes comprising a bedroom, lounge and dining area, and a generous balcony. inside, its busy colonial-style interior was decorated by interior designer Hubert Zandberg and includes a four-poster bed and mosquito net, tribal prints, and assorted African sculpture and artwork.

"The biggest challenge with this project was evoking the feeling of a treehouse in the middle of Africa, when we are clearly in the middle of London," says Zandberg. "That juxtaposition was a very interesting theme to explore and something we have applied to our interiors – we wanted luxury modernism, with natural elements coming through."

The treehouse was opened to the passing public and Virgin Holidays held a competition to stay in the treehouse for one night, but at time of writing is no longer open and the competition has closed.

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