Safety baby bottle frowns on hot milk

Safety baby bottle frowns on h...
Safety baby bottle smiles at the right temperature
Safety baby bottle smiles at the right temperature
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Safety baby bottle smiles at the right temperature
Safety baby bottle smiles at the right temperature
Safety baby bottle design
Safety baby bottle design

February 20, 2009 Now here’s a clever idea for tired, stressed-out new parents. Picture the scenario, it’s three o’clock in the morning, baby is screaming for milk and you accidentally pop a bottle that is too hot into a hungry, little mouth. Not a pleasant thought! The Baby’s Bottle could stop all those late night accidents as it tells you, at a glance, when the milk is at exactly the right temperature.

The design involves a bottle with a face printed on it using thermochromic anti-forgery ink. When the milk is at the ideal temperature of 38 degrees Celsius, the face will wear a smiley, green grin. Make the milk too hot, at 45 degrees Celsius or hotter and the face will turn into a red, crying, “I’m not happy” face.

The bottle was designed by Huang Tzu-Yu, Cheng Hung, Wang Tzu-Wei, and Xiang Yu-Wei and is not yet in production. No doubt, new parents will be queuing up.

Via Yanko Design.

Jude Garvey

Best solution. Never start heating up the milk. The baby can drink milk which is taken from fridge if he/she is only accustomed to it.
Good idea. However an Australian company in mid 2008 under the brand name Milk & Tickles (See have already done a very similar product which changes colour from blue to pink at 35 degrees Celsius. The colour changing bottle is also BPA free & phthalate free. Milk & Tickles colour changing baby feeding bottles are sold in various outlets including a number of Foodworks supermarkets, organic stores selected Amcal chemists & baby stores across Australia.
Well, Dan, what they did, "milkandtickles", it is a funny bottle which goes pink when milk is at 35 degrees, what about going over, as the chinese one shows when it is hot, and dangerous. Nice ideea. Both of them actually!:)) Problem is that, at 3 o'clock, not many have eyes for the happy/crying faces on the bottle, and the light is pretty dim, in the room of the baby, isn't it? I have to admit that it is an extra safety mesure, like never enough out there!
Yes the chinese bottle is intended to changes at 45 degrees but apparently most babies like to feed at skin temperature which is approx 36 degrees.
Dribble a little of the milk on the inside of your wrist every time and you will not go wrong.