SafetyMate provides first aid advice for new parents

SafetyMate provides first aid ...
SafetyMate talking first-aid device
SafetyMate talking first-aid device
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SafetyMate talking first-aid device
SafetyMate talking first-aid device
SafetyMate talking first-aid device
SafetyMate talking first-aid device

February 17, 2009 The early days of a child’s life, whilst thrilling for parents, can also be very nerve-wracking with the most prevalent fear being the baby’s health. New parents may find that accessing accurate first-aid advice is difficult and time-consuming which is where SafetyMate comes in - it's a clever talking first aid device that gives essential health advice at the touch of a button.

SafetyMate begins speaking as soon as the lid is opened. The user selects one of the eight emergency buttons and is led through a sequence of yes/no question with the most important first-aid information provided first. The user can then follow the first-aid steps depending on the particular health problem.

The unit provides advice on eight common health problems including CPR, burns, choking and allergic reactions. The eight emergency buttons lead the user to over 30 health issues.

Retailing at USD$60, the battery-operated unit is hand-held and lightweight (approx. 12 ounces) as well as water-resistant. The advice is given in English or Spanish and there is an audible and visual low battery warning. A separate recharging kit is available for USD$40.

The unit contains a SD Flash Memory card and medical updates can be downloaded directly from the SafetyMate website.

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