Samsung has unveiled a range of new home entertainment systems ahead of their debut at CES next month. Although there is a new sound bar and ultra high-definition Blu-Ray player, the headline act is the H7 wireless speaker, which uses a 32-bit system to upscale music and deliver clearer, more detailed sound.

At the core of the H7 wireless speaker is a new 32-bit upscaling system. Although it runs at a higher resolution than many current high-res audio systems, which can generally play 24-bit audio, there is no benefit to incorporating the higher standard if regular users can't enjoy it without a library full of high-quality audio files. According to Samsung, this is able to convert regular 8 or 24-bit audio files into 32-bit, which is a more detailed file allowing for greater sound quality and less distortion.

The end result, says the company, is a speaker which delivers higher quality audio from a wide range of audio inputs, be they wired or wireless.

On the outside, Samsung has chased a clean, simple design to reflect the tech lurking within. A range of metal finishes will be offered, and the speaker's compact size means it can be slotted neatly into a corner or put on display in the middle of a room – if you want to display what is essentially a giant, metal Lego block. Users are able to control the speaker's various functions with two rotary controllers, but we'll have to wait and see whether they deliver on the promise of simple, intuitive control.

Alongside the new H7 wireless speaker, the Samsung CES booth will play host to the MS750 sound bar. It's the brand's first sound bar with an integrated subwoofer, removing the need for a bulky external unit that ruins the neat, tidy design of the bar itself. Like the H7, the MS750 will come with UHQ 32-bit audio.

The M9500 Ultra High Definition Blu-ray player rounds out the set, offering the ability to transfer TV audio directly to regular Bluetooth headphones for quiet late-night watching. It will also automatically adjust screen and audio levels based on the current content, which means couch potatoes should be able to switch between wildly different shows and enjoy them with ideal color and audio settings.

Samsung will display the three new products at CES in Las Vegas, where New Atlas will be on the ground covering all the action.

Source: Samsung

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