If you get a particularly nasty stain on a piece of clothing, chances are you'll want to give it a good spot-scrubbing in the sink before throwing it in the washing machine. Samsung has set out to make that pre-washing process easier with the release of its WA8700 top load washing machine, which features an "active wash" sink built right in to its lid.

The idea behind the activewash system is that users won't have to first scrub clothing in a kitchen or bathroom sink, and then carry the dripping, soapy item to the washer.

Instead, they'll just drop it in the activewash sink, add water from an integrated tap, and scrub at it on the sink's scrubbing surface. Once they're done, the clothing and the wash water can be emptied into the machine's main drum via an opening at the back of the sink.

Although we first saw the activewash at CES back in January, Samsung just announced the commercial availability of the WA8700 washing machine this week. Buyers can choose between white or platinum finishes, and 4.8 or 5.2 cubic foot (136 or 147 L) drum capacities. Prices range from US$899 for the white 4.8 cu ft model, to $1,199 for the platinum 5.2-footer.

Source: Samsung

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