Samsung has lifted the curtain on several new audio products that will be on show at CES 2015 next week in Las Vegas. The company will show off several new Curved Soundbars to compliment its various sizes of curved TVs, as well as a pair of new speakers that boast 360-degree audio.

Samsung made waves last September at IFA 2014 when it unveiled a Curved Soundbar to pair with its 55 and 65-inch curved TVs. It's now looking to expand the range, with the 8500, 6500 and 6000 series models providing matching audio solutions for 45 to 78-inch curved Samsung TV models.

The 8500 series model is the flagship of the bunch, offering 9.1 channel speakers – something that the company claims will further enhance the user’s surround-sound experience when pairing a curved TV and Curved Soundbar.

Perhaps the more interesting announcement, though, is the company’s new pair of speakers, catchily known as the WAM7500 and WAM6500. The speakers don't project sound in a single direction like you would experience with a conventional stereo setup, but are designed to pump out audio in every direction using the company's proprietary "Ring Radiator" technology.

Other than the promise of “a perfect balance between treble and bass”, the company is yet to release much info on the speakers. Right now, we know that Stand (WAM7500) and Moveable (WAM6500) versions of the product will be available (pictured right and left at the top of this article), with the latter device featuring a built-in battery for a more portable experience.

There's no word on pricing or availability for any of the new products. Expect full details come CES 2015, which kicks off this Sunday.

Source: Samsung