Samsung has unveiled its first ever portable SSD at CES 2015, the SSD T1. Likened by the firm to the size of a business card, it weighs in at just 30 g (1 oz), and boasts transfer speeds of up to 450 MB per second and a maximum capacity of 1 TB.

The SSD T1 starts at US$180 for the 250 GB model and, though we've no official word on pricing for the 500 GB and 1 TB models, Engadget reports that they will command $300 and $600, respectively. Connectivity comes via backwards-compatible USB 3.0 and the drive is powered by Samsung’s proprietary 3D Vertical NAND (V-NAND) tech.

The SSD measures 71 x 9.2 x 53.2 mm (2.8 x 0.36 x 2 in), and sports a black chrome metal finish with laser patterning. The unit felt very small and thin when Gizmag had some hands-on time with it at CES 2015. The firm says that the SSD T1's sequential read/write speeds of up to 450 MB per second allow for the transfer a 3 GB movie file in just 8 seconds.

The SSD T1 will launch across the United States, European and Asian markets later this month.

Product Page: Samsung

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