Samsung has announced that a line of mobile accessories, which has been available in Korea since mid-2016, will soon be available online in other parts of the world. The line includes a bottle-shaped speaker and LED lamp, an induction charging pad, a range of portable battery packs, a USB LED light, a scoop-shaped wireless speaker and a pair of rectangular earbuds.

Shaped like an old-timey glass milk bottle, the Wireless Speaker Bottle is half speaker, half LED lamp. Connecting to a device through Bluetooth or auxiliary cable, music can be pumped out of the 360-degree speaker wrapped around the bottom section, while a small panel of buttons on the top are for controlling volume, power, playing and pausing and switching tracks.

The LED lamp on the top half can supposedly display 16 million colors, and users can change the color scheme by shaking the Bottle and adjust its brightness with a pouring motion. For finer control, the optional Lux Manager app for Android provides modes that make it flicker like a candle, automatically change colors slowly, or switch things up based on the song currently playing. It can be charged through micro USB or, true to its name, the Wireless Speaker Bottle can be charged wirelessly though compatibility with the next item on the list.

The Wireless Charger Tray can power up two compatible devices through induction plates on the top, while a third can be plugged in via micro USB. It measures a tidy little 201.8 x 77.9 x 17.8 mm (7.9 x 3 x 0.7 in), and will automatically begin charging when a device is placed on top.

For charging on the go, Samsung is releasing a new duo of portable battery packs. Shaped like a kettle (the new electric ones, not the old stove top ones), the chargers are available in two pastel colors – coral pink and mint blue – and come in 5,100 mAh or 10,200 mAh versions. Among the common bells and whistles, like a wrist strap and an LED battery level indicator, there's a handy little kickstand on the charging cord that props a phone up at a slightly tilted angle for watching video. A new LED light accessory can turn the Kettle into a lantern as well, by plugging into the Kettle's USB port – or any other device with a USB connection, for that matter.

The Scoop speaker looks a little like the smaller sibling of the Bottle. Where the Bottle was more of a device for in the home, the Scoop is designed for both indoor and outdoor listening, highlighted by its splash-proof exterior and compact size. It can act as a speaker for voice calls as well, with a built-in microphone and systems for reducing background noise and echo saving users from fumbling for their phone.

Finally, the line is rounded out with a set of rectangular earbuds. Samsung says the speakers have a double-layered motion (DLM) structure for better sound, and the flat fabric cable is apparently tangle-free.

Samsung says the new accessories will be available online in early November, and at the moment they appear somewhat scattered across different regions of the company's store. So far, the Speaker Bottle is available on the US store for US$70, and the Wireless Charger Pad has appeared on the UK store for £49 (US$60).

Source: Samsung

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