Samsung has introduced a new computer monitor that makes use of the Qi wireless charging standard for mobile devices. The 23-inch and 27-inch offerings for the Samsung SE370 have a circular charging station at the base of the monitor that allow compatible phones such as a Galaxy S6 or Nexus 6 to be casually tossed down to power up.

In addition to wireless charging, which Samsung pitches as simplifying and decluttering a workstation, the monitors also feature Samsung's PLS panel technology, which offer as wide of viewing angles as IPS screens (or very close to it), with higher brightness and cheaper energy costs.

The SE370 offers a 178 degree wide-viewing angle, 1920×1080 resolution (16:9 ratio), and brightnesses of 300 cd/m2.

Samsung hasn't announced prices or availability for the monitor, but, for a frame of reference, the company's first PLS-enabled monitor retails for US$850, with a 27-inch screen.

Though only a small handful of flagship phones have built-in wireless charging, you can buy third-party cases and receiver modules for many other popular smartphones, including the latest iPhones.

The sleek and semi-transparent SE370 monitor also offers several modes for enhanced gameplay and comfort, demonstrated in the SE370's video below.

Source: Samsung

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