Samsung has entered the sleep-tracking market, by unveiling its SleepSense device at IFA in Berlin. Unlike some similar products, it doesn't have to be worn on the body or laid across the bed. Instead, it's simply placed under the mattress, where it analyzes the user's sleep and provides suggestions if improvements are needed.

Once it's been switched on, paired to your smartphone and put under your mattress, SleepSense uses integrated sensors to detect and measure your heart rate, respiratory rate and movements. That data is transmitted to the phone, where it's processed using an accompanying app.

The next morning, you can check that app to see an assessment of seven key elements of the previous night's sleep: total sleep time, sleep efficiency, time it took to fall asleep, number of times you woke up, number of times you got out of bed, percentage of time in REM (rapid eye movement) and percentage of time in deep sleep.

You will also receive a sleep score, along with suggestions for how to improve it. Those tips were supplied by Harvard Medical School's Dr. Christos Mantzoros, and include suggestions involving lifestyle, nutrition and exercise.

Additionally, the device can be wirelessly connected with Samsung smart appliances, allowing lights to be turned off, thermostats to be lowered, or other adjustments to be made as you fall asleep. SleepSense can also make note of the time in the morning at which you typically enter a light sleep cycle, so you can set your alarm for that time in order to avoid a jarring awakening from a deep sleep.

And should you wish to use the device the track the sleep of someone else, such as an elderly relative, you can do so. The device can be placed under their mattress, and will relay their sleep reports to you via email.

There's currently no word on pricing or availability.

Source: Samsung

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