Samsung is set to give CES attendees a little glimpse into its research division next week, unveiling for the first time a set of projects underway in its secretive Creative Lab (C-Lab). With the curtain to be pulled back on a weight-managing belt, a VR controller and an ambitiously discrete audio device, Samsung will be looking to gauge the potential for some of its more promising, yet experimental ideas for near-future technologies.

Launched in 2012, the C-Lab is an innovation program within Samsung where employees are assisted in pursuing their own creative ideas. Some of these have even flourished into independent startups, such as the team behind TipTalk, which was spun out into its own company in August.

The watch strap-shaped device can be added to any old watch to synch with the user's smartphone. The thinking is that the user can then simply touch their finger to their ear, and the sounds from the device are transmitted clearly through the body, without the use of headsets or earphones.

Also on show with will be rink, a hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices which Samsung says allows for a more "intuitive and nuanced" way to interact with the virtual world. And rounding out the collection is Welt, a smart belt that monitors the user's waist size, eating habits, steps taken and the time they spend sitting down.

The devices are still under development, so we shouldn't go expecting market-ready products just yet. Rather, Samsung will be looking to get some hands-on feedback and gain an idea of their market potential. They will be on display at CES from January 6 to January 9.

Source: Samsung

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