With Samsung's TL350 compact digital camera, users can enjoy the benefits of full high definition video recording, a 10.2 megapixel sensor, five times optical zoom on a wide-angle lens and a bright AMOLED display for preview and review. Would-be action movie makers might also be interested in the super slow motion possibilities offered by a 1,000 frames per second video recording mode, but what first caught our eye was the nifty analog capacity gauges on top which indicate remaining battery and memory.

Samsung has re-engineered its DRIMeIII processor to help the TL350 capture 10.2 megapixel pictures at a rate of ten per second, securing memorable moments no matter how fast they speed by. The CMOS sensor outputs to both RAW and JPEG formats and is paired with a 24mm ultra wide angle Schneider KREUZNACH lens with five times optical zoom.

The 3.91 x 2.32 x 0.85 inch TL350 can take care of image settings automatically of course but also offers program, manual, aperture priority and shutter priority shooting modes and something Samsung is calling "Advanced Panorama Shot with Object Tracking" which improves on the camera's wide-angle capabilities to take vast landscapes in its stride. The camera also benefits from face detection of up to 20 faces and both optical and digital image stabilization.

Videographers will no doubt relish the high speed 1,000 frames per second video recording mode (albeit at a fairly small 138 x 78 resolution) which can be used when a scene simply must have cool super slow motion. Full 1080p high definition video at 30 frames per second is also on board along with a handy Dual Capture mode to simultaneously record both video and stills. Showing off all of your hard work on a HD television is taken care of too, thanks to the inclusion of a HDMI port.

The bright, vivid color, high contrast, wide viewing angle and low power draw advantages of AMOLED are brought to the TL350's 614,000 dot 3in display and (perhaps my favorite touch) to the top of the camera are a couple of analog capacity gauges to let you know how much battery and memory remains. The camera also comes with built-in photo editing software for onward image manipulation on a computer.

The TL350 will be available in the Spring for US$349.99.

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