Ultra-thin tablets, laptops and other mobile devices could be set to look even slimmer with the development of SATA solid state drives no bigger than a postage stamp. SanDisk's new integrated SSD (iSSD) device is just 0.072 inch (1.85mm) thick, tips the scales at a mere 0.029 of an ounce (0.83g) and is currently available in sizes up to 64GB. It's not the fastest SSD solution currently available but hey, it's got to be the smallest.

Before you start breaking open those jars of pennies, the iSSD is only being made available to selected manufacturers for evaluation at the moment. But with just 0.629 x 0.787 x 0.072 inch (16 x 20 x 1.85mm) dimensions and capacities currently ranging from 4GB (the lightest at 0.029oz/0.83g) to 64GB (0.045oz/1.3g), it may not be too long before consumers are being offered capacious, ultra-ultra-thin mobile devices where external storage is thought of as an additional extra rather than an operational necessity.

SanDisk says that the iSSD "is the first flash SSD device to support the industry standard SATA interface in a small BGA (Ball Grid Array) package that can be soldered onto any motherboard." As the drive uses an embedded design, manufacturers should be able to avoid any additional bulk and weight associated with connector-based solutions and, like its larger solid state cousins, the iSSD benefits from low power draw and a distinct lack of troublesome moving parts.

The storage solution is reported to offer data access speeds of up to 160MB/sec sequential read and 100MB/sec sequential write and is compatible with most operating systems. Other benefits include unlimited read cycles, SMART and TRIM support and an expected lifespan of up to 40TB-written.

Further reading on the iSSD is available from the product page.

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