Adjustable presentation speakers point you in the right direction

Adjustable presentation speakers point you in the right direction
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For anyone who has ever needed to give presentations on the go, playing audio from your built-in computer speakers can sometimes be a problem. Battery-powered portable speakers that plug into your audio jack are one possible solution. But I'm inclined to favor this new adjustable speaker from Sanwa, which draws all its power from your computer's USB port.

Sanwa's speaker stands on the end of an adjustable arm, which allows you to point it in any direction you choose since the head can rotate a full 360 degrees if necessary. If you're presenting in a small room you can point it at your audience, or if you're just sitting at your desk at home you can direct it back at yourself. For those who have a desktop PC with USB ports on the back, the adjustable arm can be used to peek around the corner and direct sound your way.

The speaker has a built in amplifier and also includes a handy bass adjustment function. Capable of kicking out 70 decibels it's plenty loud for the average-sized meeting room, although you're sure to need something more if you're headed for a conference hall.

This one just hit the market yesterday and can be picked up for JPY1980, or about US$21, It's available online from the company's product page, as well as Rakuten and Yahoo Shopping.

Sanwa via Impress.

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