Want to install a satellite dish at your home but can't due to a building regulation or uncooperative landlord? Hiding an in-built dish and LNB, the SatPlus Sat Chair will let you pull in those satellite signals and the landlord will be none the wiser. The chair can be installed on a terrace, balcony or anywhere else you want to install a satellite dish without breaking any rules - although it might look out of place on the roof.

SatPlus says the 5 kg (11 lb) chair acts as the equivalent of a 60 cm (23.6 in) dish and can be installed on uneven ground as the feet of the chair are also adjustable. The chair is geared specifically towards those who live in apartment buildings where residents are not allowed to install their own dish, or renters whose landlords won't give the green light for installing one. Just don't sit on it when someone wants to watch TV.

The SatPlus Sat Chair retails for 242 euro (approx. US$323).