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Luna combines MP3 player and pico-projector

Luna combines MP3 player and p...
Luna projector/MP3 player
Luna projector/MP3 player
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Luna projector/MP3 player
Luna projector/MP3 player
Luna projector/MP3 player
Luna projector/MP3 player
Luna projector/MP3 player
Luna projector/MP3 player
Luna projector/MP3 player
Luna projector/MP3 player
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Would you like a pico-projector with that? We've seen them in camcorders, still cameras and mobile phones, now Sceptre is attempting to give a new lease of life to the dedicated MP3 player with the Luna projector/MP3 player combo.

The US$169.99 Luna projector/MP3 player uses a micro SD card to project photos and movies whilst listening to music. With a brightness of 5 lumens (the latest Microvision standalone pico-projector puts out 15 lumens by way of comparison), the Luna 100W can project up to 99-inches (250cm) with a width of up to 50inches (12.7- 127cm) in a darkened room.

The unit measures in at less than 1-inch (2.5cm) thick, weighs 2.6 ounces (74gm)and comes with standard functions like a calendar, slideshow, video, MP3 and supports a range of music, video and picture files. It comes with a 2GB Micro SD Card that can be expanded to 32GB.

LUNA 100W Specifications

  • Maximum Resolution: 640x480
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Focus Lens: Manual
  • Brightness: 5 Lumens
  • Light Source: LED (White)
  • Projection Distance: Up to 99" (250cm)
  • Image Size: 5" – 50" (12.7- 127cm)
  • Estimate Life: Over 20,000 Hours
  • Battery Life: MP3 – 5 Hours, Projection – 1 Hour
  • Interface: Micro USB / Micro SD
  • Output: 3.5mm Earphone Jack
  • Memory Capacity (Micro SD): 512 MB – 32 GB
  • Video Compatibility: AVI, MOV, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4
  • Audio Compatibility: MP3, WMA, WAV
  • Image Compatibility: JPEG, BMP
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    1 comment
    1 comment
    Matt Rings
    \"No\" to answer your question. Rather use a small iTouch or iPad to watch movies. Better contrast and not affected (much) by indoor ambient lighting. The Pico projector would really suck in a lit room or car during the day.... And you will always need a white, flat, stable surface on which to project. Niche product with really disappointing application range.