It looks as though the Nürburgring Nordschleife may have a new contender for its production car lap record. Two Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus (SCG) SCG003C supercars were entered in the VLN Endurance Championship season opener with SCG saying their performances were cause for optimism.

The ADAC Westfalenfahrt race held last Tuesday (Mar. 28) was stopped and not restarted after one spectator was sadly killed and several others injured in an accident. As it happens, the race was already over for SCG, after both of its cars were disqualified six laps in for breaching noise regulations. SCG says they were running 6th and 18th at the time.

Despite this, the cars were said to be moving up the field and SCG later claimed (as did company owner Jim Glickenhaus in a discussion) that its number 001 car delivered an 8 minutes 12 seconds lap of the combined Grand Prix and Nordschleife circuit. The company says its telemetry suggests the lap would equate to about a 6 minutes 42 seconds lap of the Nordschleife.

Although SCG pointed out that a number of the top GT3 cars were running at that pace or quicker, it went on to explain that the car was being driven with over 100 kg (220 lb) of additional weight to meet the minimum required race-weight and that its power output had been restricted.

SCG ventured to say that, with its lighter, more powerful road-going setup, the SCG003 will be "very quick" on the Nordschleife. It suggested that a lap time of 6 minutes 30 seconds could be achievable and this was echoed by Jim Glickenhaus.

Such a time would smash the Nordschleife's existing official fastest lap-time for a production car of 6 minutes 48 seconds set by a Radical SR8LM in 2009. Glickenhaus says its entirely possible SCG will try for an official Nordschleife lap time, but that for the moment the team is focused on racing.