Backing up data is a simple and yet forgettable part of modern life. If files are important, they need to be stored in multiple places. A desktop or laptop hard drive is the first, and an external drive, disc or the cloud is generally the second. But even if you're diligent - and more than three quarters of us aren't according to data collected by Parks Associates - pictures, videos and other files uploaded to social networking sites might miss that crucial backup. Backup Plus, a new line of storage devices from Seagate, offers to save those photos and videos you posted on Facebook, Flickr and elsewhere with the click of an icon.

The Backup Plus drive is set up so one click initiates a backup of the files on the computer. A second icon click is mapped to download and save, or upload and share photos and videos on Facebook, Flickr and other social networking sites where you might save such files. This is useful for saving files that were uploaded directly from a phone or other device to sites like Facebook.

Backups are triggered from the Seagate Dashboard software, which sets up backup parameters and schedules. With Backup plus, the dashboard maps to the social networking sites you want to save files from.

Two drives are being offered in a range of capacities. A portable Backup Plus comes in red, blue, silver or back and measures 2.5 inches. The drive comes in 500GB, 750GB and TB capacities. A less portable Backup Plus Desk drive, measuring 3.5 inches, comes in 1TB, 2TB, 3TB and 4TB capacities. A separate Backup Plus for Mac portable drive comes in 500GB and 1TB capacities, and will be available in 2TB and 3TB capacities.

The portable version comes in a slim form factor. The drive snaps into a cradle to connect with the computer. It connects using a USB 3.0 interface to Thunderbolt technology or FireWire 800. The desktop model is more substantial and not likely to be lugged around. It weighs 2.38 pounds (1.08 kg). Like the portable version, the desktop model connects to the PC via USB 3.0 interface to Thunderbolt technology or FireWire 800. The Mac versions of the portable and desktop drives use a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 interface for Thunderbolt technology and FireWire 800.

Photos, especially when they're uploaded to sites such as Facebook and Flickr, are easily misplaced or forgotten about. "The idea of providing a backup of photos and videos from Facebook is an interesting one, which I believe may help people come to realize the importance of maintaining multiple copies of any digital asset regardless of where it is stores," said Brett Sappington, director of research at Parks Associates in a statement about the Seagate Backup Plus drives. "Social media has become a massive repository for personal digital content, and most consumers have not likely considered the possibility of losing access to those shared memories."

The Seagate Backup Plus Drives are available in a range of sizes and capacities. The Backup Plus portable comes in a 500GB for US$119.99; 750GB for $129.99; and 1TB for $139.99. The Backup Plus Desk drive comes in a 1TB size for $129.99; 2TB for $149.99; 3TB for $179.99 and 4TB for $249.99.

The Backup Plus for Mac portable version comes in 500GB for $119.99 and 1TB for $139.99. The Backup Plus Desk for Mac is available in 2TB for $189.99 and 3TB for $209.99.

Source: Seagate via Engadget

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