It might not have taken off with the general public like its creators hoped, but the Segway did find fans in the security industry. The Nimbo unveiled at CES this week stretches this relationship into the era of autonomous robots, using artificial intelligence to nip threats in the bud and take security staff for a ride if need be.

The Nimbo is based on Segway's Robotics mobility platform, which uses the company's gearbox, motor and battery but incorporates sensors and vision systems to enable some degree of autonomy. In adapting the platform for its purposes, robotic security firm Turing Video used Intel's RealSense sensors to create a robot that can roll around autonomously collecting HD video of nefarious activity.

Apparently, the robot's AI is able to detect humans and recognize when suspicious events are playing out, like people fighting, for example. If it feels that something isn't quite right, it starts up its lights and audio warnings and sends an alert to security staff along with a snippet of video. If the staff feels it necessary, they can hop onto the Nimbo and be carried along at up to 11 mph (17 km/h) in pursuit of the suspect.

Nimbo can be programmed to follow particular routes or choose self-optimized paths all on its own, with Turing Video listing company campuses, warehouses and parking lots as a few of the environments where it could be put to work. The company says the robot can be tailored to suit those different settings and applications, and measuring 30 in (76 cm) tall and 25 in (63.5 cm) wide it should be able to squeeze through relatively tight spaces.

Like so many CES reveals this week, the company is yet to offer info on pricing and availability, though you can see it in action in the promo video below.

Source: Turing Video