A new immersive video experience is about to open in Japan that offers visitors the chance to be almost completely surrounded by a huge multi-screen display system while an underwater love story unfolds before them. Sharp has provided the 156 LCD monitors and transmission system for the 5D Miracle Tour's walk-in adventure that's said to offer customers a virtually seamless 200 to 300-inch video experience in front, above and below, and at either side of them.

The system installed at the Thriller Fantasy Museum area of the Dutch-themed Huis Ten Bosch park in Nagasaki, Japan consists of 36 ultra-slim Sharp PN-V601 60-inch LCD monitors to the front, top and bottom and 24 on either side, and an image transmission system to ensure that everything is in sync.

The 5D Miracle Tour can take 32 people at a time and will open with an eight minute show based on a mermaid legend on April 29. And in case you're wondering, the 5D appears to stand for Dream, Dramatic, Discover, Different and Delight.

I wonder how the experience will compare to the kind of immersion offered by the likes of La Géode in Paris? We'd love to hear from anyone who gets a chance to see it.