Sharp shows new displays for rugged industrial applications

Sharp shows new displays for r...
Sharp's 8.4-inch LQ084V3DG01
Sharp's 8.4-inch LQ084V3DG01
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The 5.7-inch (LQ057V3DG02) TFT-LCD
The 5.7-inch (LQ057V3DG02) TFT-LCD
Sharp's 8.4-inch LQ084V3DG01
Sharp's 8.4-inch LQ084V3DG01

May 23, 2008 In more news to come out of the Society for Information Display’s (SID’s) 2008 International Symposium, Seminar, and Exhibition, Sharp announced the availability of two new TFT LCD panels. The 5.7-inch and 8.4-inch TFT-LCDs are VGA panel displays designed to suit a variety of applications, including point-of-purchase screens, VoIP products, medical equipment, test and measurement equipment.

An anti-glare polarizing filter improves visibility in bright ambient light situations, and a wide viewing angle provides for optimal usability in real-world industrial settings. The 5.7-inch LQ057V3DG02 has a 640 x 480 pixel format, features Chip-on-Glass technology and has an 18 x LED backlighting system that provides high-brightness of 400 nits. The 8.4-inch LQ084V3DG01 module also has an 640 x 480 pixel format and delivers 400 nits of brightness but from a long-life 2 x CCFL backlighting system.

Both displays meet Sharp’s Strong 2 criteria for industrial display technology. To meet this standard displays must have a minimum high brightness of 400 nits to eliminate the need to add extra display backlights to compensate for high ambient light situations. They must also have a standard high contrast ratio of 600:1, be able to operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -30º to +80ºC to eliminate the need for cooling/heating methods and they must be certified to handle 60 G – 70 G shock and 1.5 G - 2.0 G vibration to survive rough handling.

The 5.7-inch LQ057V3DG02 is available for an estimated US$175, while the 8.4-inch LQ084V3DG01 is available for an estimated US$300.

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