Because of the increased visibility that they offer, “third brake lights” have become standard on automobiles. Now, it's possible to buy kits that let you add such lights to the back of motorcycle helmets, although they typically have to be installed permanently. The Signal helmet light, however, can simply be strapped on.

Signal incorporates a fiber optic fabric known as Lumigram, that is flexible and lightweight, yet also able to emit bright pulses of light. It stretches over the rider’s existing full-face or open-face helmet, with the illuminated section centered on the back. A radio frequency transmitter on the motorcycle is synced with a receiver on the Signal, letting it know when the bike’s brakes or turn indicators are activated – Signal flares up, or blinks on one side or the other, accordingly.

Signal is currently posted on the Quirky product development website, where users determine the viability of products by indicating their interest in buying commercial versions of them. If enough people get on board with Signal, it may find its way into production.

Source: Quirky via 7 Gadgets

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