If you order your drinks “on the rocks” and are in the habit of chewing on the ice cubes you might want to double check that the bartender hasn’t taken you literally and chilled your drink with “Sippin’ Rocks” – unless you fancy a visit to the dentist. Sippin' Rocks are highly-polished cubes of granite that are designed to chill your drink without diluting it.

Made from granite “imported from throughout the world”, the hand-crafted Sippin’ Rocks are carved, shaped and polished into elegant drinking stones that bring out the full, undiluted flavor in any drink. The rocks from Sippin on the Rocks, Inc. come in black, red and white and should be placed in a small bag in the freezer for about four hours before (carefully) placing one or two in a glass.

And for those who prefer their granite from Scotland, the company is also selling a Scotch “On the Rocks” gift set containing a set of two crystal glasses and four hand-polished granite cubes made from imported Scottish granite, all housed in a walnut box.

The sharp-cornered cube shape of the Sippin’ Rocks seems a little glass-unfriendly to me, but presumably ‘Sippin’ Balls’ didn’t have the same ring to it. However, it is the perfect shape to allow the set of six Sippin’ Rocks to sit snugly in their special wooden box that can be adorned with an optional, personalized nameplate.

A set of six Sippin’ Rocks, complete with wooden box, is available now for US$55, while the Scotch “On the Rocks” gift set sells for US$75.