Green Power's sliding speaker solution for iPod

Green Power's sliding speaker solution for iPod
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Though most multimedia phones tend to have external speakers for, albeit meagerly, pumping out tunes for other people’s benefit, they tend to be less common on MP3 players as companies prioritize slim and pocket-friendly designs. The most notable "hybrid" to take a chance in this market is Samsung’s K5, which offers a clever slide-out design to keep things relatively compact while allowing for the widest possible stereo image. This approach has now been aped by Korean company Green Power as a solution for the iPod.

Two different models are available for the iPod nano and iPod touch, which unlike the iPhone have no built in speakers. The product is effectively a portable dock for a player, which fits into Apple’s proprietary dock connection housed in the casing. Twin 1.5w speakers offer stereo sound and while this is hardly going to get people dancing at a party, would do for quieter environments or where portability is a priority.

The device offers a mini USB port to charge for up to 12 hours playback and to allow you to upload new content when plugged in, and it’s available in a choice of crystal hard case or half-mirror designs and a range of colors.

No details on pricing or availability unfortunately, but it’s nice to see something that could be potentially very useful added to the seemingly unending stream of iPod accessories.

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