We've covered everything from fart-proof blankets to connected wine bottles, but Durmet's latest creation is close to winning a gold in the "most ridiculous idea" stakes. The Smartress is a mattress with an inbuilt "lover detection system" that uses an array of sensors to measure the duration and intensity of any, er, activity undertaken on it, and notifies your phone if anything suspicious is going on.

That's right, the Smartress takes all the trust implicit in a relationship and tears it up, because, in the eyes of Spanish mattress manufacturer Durmet, the world is undergoing an "infidelity epidemic" and open discussions and honesty are overrated compared to sneaky, app-enabled monitoring.

When the array of 24 ultrasound sensors in the mattress detect movement, or the vibration monitors built into the springs are shaken into action, the bed will send a notification to your phone. Having responded to that notification, you're able to see how long the action has been going on, how intense it is, how many impacts there are per minute, and what part of the bed is being used.

We can only imagine how paranoid or distrusting you'd need to be to justify such a strange piece of tech, but there are also plenty of innocent reasons other than cheating for the bed to be disturbed while you're out. Napping tops the list, but the app doesn't account for changing the sheets, kids jumping on the bed, or pets that like to move around in your room during the day. So aside from being a sad indictment on society, this "solution" would appear to have a few flaws.

It also doesn't protect you from more adventurous cheaters who like to go at it in other parts of the house, although if there's ever a Durmet smart kitchen bench, you'll be the first to know. In the meantime, the a basic double Smarttress retails for around US$1,700.

If you fancy a laugh, the Smartress preview video is below.

Source: Durmet

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