We've seen some interesting approaches to the stopping of snoring, ranging from self-inflating pillows to noise-emitting nose pieces. One of the latest devices to take on sleep apnea, called the Snore Circle, goes about doing the job by buzzing you in the head.

The Snore Circle looks like a Bluetooth earpiece, and is covered in soft silicone – that said, using it will probably still preclude sleeping with that side of your head on the pillow.

Utilizing an integrated microphone, it is claimed to recognize the sounds of snoring when they begin. It then responds by emitting tiny vibrations that travel through the skull via bone conduction, to stimulate the vagus nerve. This, in turn, reportedly causes the throat muscles to tighten and the airway to open, thus reducing or eliminating the snoring.

One charge of its battery should be good for two nights of use. An accompanying app keeps track of its activity, so users will know if it's actually doing anything while they sleep – the vibrations themselves apparently don't wake you.

In development since 2012, the Snore Circle is now in its third incarnation, and is the subject of an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. A pledge of US$59 will get you one, when and if production begins. The planned retail price is $129.