What if you could read on your Kindle for three months straight? SolarFocus will be showing off a Kindle case at CES this week designed to do just that. Called SolarKindle, the case can provide you with months of reading time and over 50 hours of reading lamp use on a single charge.

The case has a solar panel built into its front, that allows you to charge your Kindle (and the case) poolside, or while you're involved in other outdoor activities. The battery in the cover can be charged using the solar panel, as well as USB - so if you've been cooped up indoors for a while you still have a charging option available.

In addition to powering your Kindle the case also has a built-in reading light that is powered entirely from the case's battery rather than your Kindle. The built-in reading lamp in the case is expected to last for 50 continuous hours on a charge.

The SolarKindle, of course, isn't the first solar-powered gadget case/charger we've seen. The Solar Surge, for instance, is a solar case and charger for your iPhone.

The SolarKindle was a 2012 International CES Innovations Design & Engineering Awards Honoree, and will be available starting on January 15 for US$79.99.

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