Sony is no stranger to expensive ultra-short-throw projection systems that command a high price tag, from 2014's 4K floor-sitter to last year's $26k model. At CES this year, the company launched the LSPX-A1 laser projector that combines big screen, 4K projected visuals with Sony's forte for top sound quality in one unit, and is definitely more a piece of permanent living room furniture than a stow-away-between-uses projector. And it carries a ticket price of US$30,000, which is only a few thousand less than the starting price for a brand new Model 3.

The LSPX-A1 4K-capable ultra-short-throw projector comes with an artificial marble top, mirror-finish aluminum frame and wooden storage shelf below, and is Sony's latest addition to its Life Space UX offerings – a range of smart products such as lights, speakers and projectors. The self-contained entertainment system can throw up 85 inch images when positioned right up close to the wall, or moved out to 9.6 inches away for movies rocking 120 diagonal inches.

The 49.5 x 22 x 18.5 in (1,255 x 559 x 470 mm), 165 lb (75 kg) projection unit has a Z-Phosphor laser beaming out up to 2,500 lumens, and makes use of three SXRD panels for a 2.5 millisecond response rate that should keep motion blur to a minimum, and means that primary colors can be displayed simultaneously.

Sony's Triluminos color tech is cooked in for the promise of life-like colors, there's up to 4,096 x 2,160 of native resolution on tap – which Sony points out is the same resolution defined by Digital Cinema Initiatives for cinema distribution – along with HDR technology, powered lens shift for keystone image correction, powered zoom, high dynamic contrast and up to 12-bit color depth via HDMI.

Rather than rely on separates, Sony has included audio in the package. The highs are handled by a further development of the company's Advanced Vertical Drive Technology from its now 2 year-old Glass Sound Speaker that vibrates two glass tweeters installed in the projection unit's front legs.

Low end duties are performed by a separate 50 W subwoofer sat under the shelf, and three additional 23 W mid-range speakers – including one that fires toward the wall "to elevate the sound field" – take care of the rest for the promise of crystal clear, dynamic all-around sound.

Buyers will still need to cable up the projection unit to 4K-capable streaming devices, optical disc players or other 4K content hardware though, which will add even more to the US$30,000 ticket price. Sony expects to start shipping the LSPX-A1 in the US spring.

The LSPX-A1 projection system is on show at CES 2018 in Las Vegas until tomorrow, after which it will make an appearance at New York's Architectural Digest Design Show from March 18 - 22. If you can't make either event, you can watch the promo video below to get a taste of what's on offer for that rather exclusive price tag.

Source: Sony

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