Pinpoint travel photos: Sony's GPS-CS1KA image tracker

Pinpoint travel photos: Sony's GPS-CS1KA image tracker
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December 17, 2007 If you're the type of intrepid traveler that returns from a journey with a gigabytes of digital photographs but no idea where they were taken, this might prove a valuable addition to your kit. The Sony GPS-CS1KA image tracker records the time, date and - using satellite navigation - the location of every photo, and collates the information so that you can view your photographic history on an online map.

Retailing at USD$149.99, the Sony GPS-CS1KA image tracker is compatible with most digital still cameras and camcorders. It provides time and location details of every photo and using the included Picture Motion Browser software, matches that data with the photograph in your camera and, when the Picture Motion Browser software is used in conjunction with Google® Maps, photos can be viewed on an online map next to push pins marking the actual location where the picture was taken.

Your friends might thank you too, rather than enduring a slideshow presentation of your latest trip they can simply view your photographs online.

Product Specifications

  • Operating Temperature - +0 to +40 degrees C (+32 to +104 degrees F)
  • Storage Temperature - -20 to +60 degrees C (-4 to +140 degrees F)
  • Power Consumption (in Operation) - max.100mA
  • Frequency Response - 1575.42 MHz (L1 band, C/A code)
  • User Memory Capacity - approx. 31 MB
  • Dimensions (approx.) - W 87 x H 36 x D 36mm (3 1/2 x 1 7/16 x 1 7/16inches)

Visit Sony Style for full details.

In related reading, QSTARZ offer a solar-powered product with similar capabilities - the Super 99 ®Bluetooth Solar GPS travel recorder allows you to capture up to 200,000 records and share them on Google Earth.

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