October 23, 2008 Sony's new range of iPod compatible products makes good on the company's stated promise to “continue to develop products that are compatible with popular hardware formats and audio codecs.” Not surprisingly, this includes Apple’s ubiquitous portable player. The five-strong range includes a mini hi-fi system with docks for two iPods and DJ functions, two designs of iPod speaker system and two clock radios, one having CD playback in addition to its iPod compatibility.

First cab off the rank is Sony’s LBT-DJ2i mini hi-fi system. The DJ in the title highlights Sony’s intention of marketing the system as perfect for mixing music to create the ultimate party soundtrack thanks to its dual iPod docks, CD player and cross-fader. This allows not only mixing between two iPods, but also allows mixing music on an iPod with that from the built-in CD player, or from personal players connected via USB. The Beat Blend feature even adds a layer of pre-programmed percussion, drum sounds and drum loops over the mix. The system delivers 450W of power through its included speakers and separate twin-driver subwoofer. The LBT-DJ2i system also features a USB recording function to save mixing sessions to a USB device without a PC, so you can share your mixes with friends. For those too lazy to put together their own mixes can listen to music the old fashioned way with the FM/AM tuner.

The SRS-GU10iP and ZS-S4iP iPod speaker systems include powerful built-in speakers to share music with friends. The former has a total output power of 20W through its built-in stereo speaker system, with a bass boost for a richer sound. It comes in a piano black wooden finish, will charge the docked iPod and is supplied complete with a remote control giving full iPod menu control. The larger ZS-S4iP is a go-anywhere ‘boombox’ design complete with CD/MP3 CD playback, a secure dock for iPod, FM/AM tuner and full remote control.

Completing the range are two clock radio docks: the ICF-C1iPMK2 and ICF-CD3iP, which allow you to recharge your player overnight, and wake up to the radio or your favorite music. The ICF-C1iPMK2 is a compact speaker dock complete with FM/AM tuner, digital clock readout, snooze/sleep timer and remote control, while the ICF-CD3iP has a CD player built into its large alarm clock display, will also play MP3 CDs, and again has FM/AM tuner and remote control.

This new range is compatible with the latest iPod players, while the speaker systems and the clock radio docks are also compatible with the iPhone. The range is available through sonystyle - the LBT-DJ2i mini hi-fi system for USD$499, the SRS-GU10iP for $149.95, the ZS-S4iP boombox for $99.95 and the ICF-CD3iP CD clock radio for $99.99.

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