Sun Flare Systems is a Canadian company that has developed a solar-powered backup generator. Designed to provide power in cases of outage and disaster, the patent-pending SOS in a Box kit is basically a small, portable power plant that includes a backup generator, flexible high-efficiency solar panels, and a charge controller. Sun Flare says its solar generation package is the first FAA and Airline Approved generator of its kind.

The system can run low-wattage LED A/C or D/C powered lights, cell phone chargers, radios and emergency equipment that can be plugged into the 12 volt power outlet. It is waterproof, features an external 110/120 Volt 60Hz A/C power outlet and a 12-volt car adapter. Each PV panel can be expected to produce up to 75 watts of electricity. The company has designed four different models with varying specifications and accessories: Marine R/V Line, Economy Line, Commercial Grade and Military Grade. The product is already available from Amazon UK and GearOutHere.

In the age of climate change and increasing recurrence of natural disasters, a powerful plug-and-play backup generator may indeed come in handy in emergencies. Besides, as the number of energy-hungry gadgets in our lives increases, being able to produce a considerable amount of power on the go is a welcome advancement.

Matthew Siegler, Sun Flare’s CEO and President, mentions a variety of applications for his solution, from relief efforts in Africa to first responder communication. “We have been given an opportunity to work with companies that provide vital equipment like wireless systems, first responder equipment and remote satellite communications,” he said. The company recently announced a working partnership with Last Mile Networks, a provider of emergency communications solutions.

Besides SOS in a Box, Sun Flare has also developed a Solar Mini Billboard conceived for corporate entities to advertise their own green credentials, and to generate electricity that can be fed into the grid.

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