Specialized has just announced its new Turbo electric bicycle, which it claims is the fastest e-bike ever made ... a claim that the makers of the BlackTrail e-bike would likely dispute. Whatever the case, the Turbo's top motor-assisted speed of 45 km/h (28 mph) should definitely limit where it will be sold – in the U.S., Britain and most of Europe, for instance, it would be illegal. Nonetheless, limited numbers of the bike should reportedly be available for sale (although it hasn’t been stated in which countries) as of May.

According to an article in BikeRadar, the Turbo was officially unveiled today, after three years in development. Some of its more noteworthy features – besides its speed – include a 250-watt Specialized Turbo Direct Drive rear hub motor, a 432Wh lithium-ion battery mounted in the down tube (recharge time is reportedly two hours), and a wireless handlebar-mounted control unit that allows riders to control the bike’s integrated LED head and tail lights. That unit also displays the battery level, along with various other features common to bicycle computers.

Additionally, with the flip of a switch, the rear brake can be used to help extend the bicycle’s range via regenerative braking. Both the front and rear Magura hydraulic disc brakes are made of carbon fiber, as are some other components, although the frame itself is a custom alloy – there’s no word on the bike’s weight.

Fifty of the Turbos should be showing up at various European Specialized dealerships in April, for prospective buyers to try out. The price has yet to be announced.

The e-bike can be seen in action in the video below.

Source: BikeRadar

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