Some serious cyclists have taken to using breathing strips or even stents to hold their nostrils open, in order to increase the amount of air that they're able to take in through their nose. Well, a new set of cycling glasses does the same thing, but using magnets.

Made by 100% Cycling, the Speedcraft AIR glasses have magnets built into the inside of their nose pads. Those magnets attract two metal-containing stickers, which the wearer attaches to the sides of their nose. In this way, so we're told, the nose pads pull the nostrils open.

In fact, the nose pads actually take the form of two adjustable arms that can be opened apart from one another or closed together using a dial in the center of the glasses – this lets users fine-tune the amount of nasal dilation they're getting.

The glasses also feature interchangeable scratch-resistant, shatterproof, water- and oil-repelling lenses, that offer 360-degree visibility and 100 percent UVA, UVB and UVC protection.

If you're interested in getting a pair of Speedcraft AIRs, they'll cost you US$325. A refill kit containing 20 single-use nose stickers can be had for $15.

Source: 100% Cycling

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