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The Alpha Jacket is loaded with practical features ... and style

The Alpha Jacket is loaded wit...
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The Alpha Jacket is durable, fashionable, and practical
The Alpha Jacket is durable, fashionable, and practical

For most jackets, it’s a matter of choosing whether you want to look stylish or carry everything you need. But the Alpha Jacket ditches the trade-off, letting you strut your stuff without having to leave the important stuff behind. Loaded with specialty pockets, the Alpha Jacket is perfect for traveling – or just everyday, all year round city wear.

On the outside, the Alpha Jacket by PinFin Fashion is a practical and attractive garment for men and women. Available in blue, red, grey or black, the jacket is durable, waterproof and wind-resistant, keeping you warm, dry and looking good. In fairer weather, the hood can be removed to turn it into a stylish bomber.

The Alpha Jacket is durable, fashionable, and practical
The Alpha Jacket is durable, fashionable, and practical

But it’s more than just a fashion statement. The Alpha Jacket is loaded with pockets custom-designed for the most important items for traveling or everyday use. The inside is lined with secure pockets for your most losable valuables, like your wallet, keys and passport. At chest height, within easy reach, are pockets made to house your phone, sunglasses, and wireless earbuds.

Further down, even more pockets are designed to carry bulkier items you’d normally have to leave behind, or carry in a bag. There’s room for a water bottle, gloves and a tablet. The jacket even comes with a slim water bladder that can tuck away neatly for hikes, and an optional 20,000-mAh power bank to keep your phone and other devices charged and ready.

Even when fully loaded up, nobody else would ever know. The pockets in the Alpha Jacket are designed to hide the bulk.

To cap it all off, the Alpha Jacket has a few other tricks up its sleeve. A removable, ergonomic, memory foam neck pillow built into the hood will let you snooze through long plane journeys in comfort and style. Reflective piping makes sure you stand out in the dark, and the durable zips are designed to always stay on track.

Find out how to get yourself into an Alpha Jacket here.

Alpha Jacket - Travel features without sacrificing fashion