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Atera Announces Brand-New Virtual Event "Ateraverse" for IT Professionals

Atera Announces Brand-New Virtual Event "Ateraverse" for IT Professionals
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Explore future-proof, fit-for IT solutions that will put you ahead of the curve

Today’s IT professionals are expected to navigate a dynamic technological world while managing concerns like growing workloads, mounting tech debt, and increased cybersecurity threats—and they’re expected to further accelerate. So what are the best practices in this evolving space? All-in-one Remote Monitoring & Management and Helpdesk platform Atera has surveyed its customers to answer this question and built a 2-day agenda around the real-world concerns set to plague the IT world in 2023 and beyond.

Ateraverse is a two-day virtual event packed with focused content for IT professionals. In this “Year of Efficiency,” company leadership is often thinking in terms of “lean and mean” IT operations. Organizations are diving deep into exploring tools and processes that may be underutilized or redundant. That's where future-proof, fit-for IT solutions come in.

In other words, it’s time for Future-Fit IT.

Attendees of Ateraverse will get the chance to explore cutting-edge solutions with industry leaders and peers, exploring topics like intelligent automation, AI integrations, zero-trust architecture, and more. Sponsored by Microsoft, Ateraverse promises to be an engaging conversation that dives into the forefront of the IT field and helps IT professionals transition smoothly into this new, automated age.

Atera will be hosting a range of speakers who are thought leaders in the IT and cybersecurity space, plus a surprise keynote speaker who is sure to impress and inspire. Over the course of eight sessions, participants will expand their knowledge of the always-advancing IT landscape, getting the chance to learn from and connect with peers and industry leaders alike. With insight-filled discussions and practical solutions abounding, Ateraverse is an excellent opportunity for anyone in the IT landscape to build knowledge of current and future trends, setting themselves up for success going forward.

Ateraverse will take place on May 3 and 4, 2023 and provide unique learning opportunities as well as networking spaces. A unique opportunity to stay ahead of the curve, Ateraverse is the can’t-miss conference of the year. Save your seat today.