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BEAVERLAB Davcarve L1 is live on Kickstarter on October 10 50% OFF

BEAVERLAB Davcarve L1 is live on Kickstarter on October 10 50% OFF
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6 Modules in 1 Machine

Davcarve L1 is compatible with 6 modules (3 laser modules, CNC modules, fine-point blade cutting module hand-drawn artwork module) to suit different use needs.

3 Laser Modules

The Davcarve L1 features 3 laser modules that offer unparalleled precision and versatility. The 540nm blue laser modules, available in 10W and 20W power options, are ideal for engraving and cutting across a broad range of materials, including wood, leather, MDF, opaque acrylic, fabric, dark glass ceramics, and even cement.

For engraving on metal materials such as copper, gold, silver, titanium and stainless steel, the 2W infrared laser module is an ideal choice.

Powerful CNC Module

With its 10,000rpm ER11 spindle and 3.175mm spring collet, the CNC module transforms the Davcarve L1 into a powerful CNC router machine, which allows for efficient and smooth carving on thick and hard materials, as well as precise carving of thinner materials like PCBs.

Fine-Point Blade Cutting Module

The Davcarve L1's Fine Point Blade Module features a secondary pressure spring and telescopic blade. Users can use this module to cut most flexible materials with a fine-point blade and a reach of up to 14mm.

Create Hand-Drawn Artwork Module

The Davcarve L1's drawing module assists those with drawing difficulties by offering a variety of pen options, with sizes ranging from 5 to 20mm and lengths from 80 to 190mm. It includes gel pens, markers, and ballpoint pens, allowing for diverse creative expression. The module also enables automatic creation of beautiful hand-drawn artwork through preset art templates and software parameters.

Easily Replaceable Parts

Davcarve L1 arrives fully assembled, letting you skip installation hassles. Plus, it simplifies part replacement with its dovetail slot design in all work modules. It enables one-second installation and removal without requiring power or air connections, enhancing ease of use.

2, 000 cm² Working Space

Davcarve L1 offers a vast working area of 400x500, allowing you to fully unleash your creativity. By installing the optional risers, you can increase the work height of the Davcarve L1 to an impressive 110mm, granting you even more flexibility and space to work with.

High Performance

Davcarve L1 features a powerful 57mm high-torque motor, which delivers a maximum engraving speed of 1000mm/s. Additionally, it offers professional users the flexibility to manually adjust engraving parameters and create unique engraving effects.

With a remarkable engraving and repeat precision of 0.01mm, Davcarve L1 enables you to engrave complex patterns and design on various materials. Perfect for artists, designers, and DIY enthusiasts, this machine will help bring your digital designs to life with exceptional precision.

Davcarve is also a reliable partner for cutting thicker materials. Equipped with a 20W laser module, you can easily and precisely cut through 15mm solid wood or 10mm acrylic sheets in one pass, minimizing material thickness limitations in your project designs.

Curved Engraving with Ease

The Davcarve L1's 4-in-1 rotary extension enables 360° rotary engraving. With adjustable jaw attachments and rotary rollers, you can freely engrave any curved object, including rings, balls, cylinders, and cones. This versatile tool can also engrave both the outer and inner walls of curved objects with ease.

Intelligent Design

BEAVERLAB's LaserCreate app is beginner-friendly engraving software with a resource-rich library, simple instructions, and video tutorials. It also allows you to adjust engraving settings and remotely monitor projects via your smartphone.

The LaserCreate PC software is for complex projects, supporting multiple languages and various vector graphic formats (DXF, SVG, JPG, PNG, BMP, and NC). Plus, you get free lifetime updates!

Offline operation lets you unleash your creativity anywhere and anytime! With its built-in 16GB TF card, you can save hundreds of files in advance. The intuitive joystick and roller give you complete control over the X/Y and Z-axis. And with the intuitive touch buttons next to the HD IPS screen, you can easily select the files you want to engrave or cut without any hassle.

Safety is the top priority

Davcarve L1 is designed with user safety in mind. Equipped with a gyroscope sensor, flame detector, and active stop button, the device immediately stops working if it detects a flame or if the tilt angle exceeds 15 degrees, ensuring maximum safety. Additionally, Davcarve L1 has obtained CE, FCC, FDA, and RoHS certifications, indicating that all products and accessories meet international safety standards.

To support the campaign, visit BEAVERLAB's Kickstarter where you can get up to 55% off the retail price.

View gallery - 12 images