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BLUETTI B230 or B300 to Help Australians Ease Energy Crisis

BLUETTI B230 or B300 to Help Australians Ease Energy Crisis
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Australia has witnessed a huge increase in residential power demand due to cold weather sweeping through the country and the recent shutdown of some coal-fired power plants. Power uncertainty has been reportedly causing a sharp spike in Australia's electricity prices.

Aiming to ease the rising electricity tension this winter and optimize how people access to power, BLUETTI will have a Power Week from August 17 to August 29.

As a market leader in the industry of portable power stations, BLUETTI firstly introduced the flagship models AC200MAX and AC300 in 2021, accompanied by the expansion battery packs B230 and B300. Before purchasing these units, scroll down to learn more about them.


Not just a sidekick, but a hero on its own.

The expansion battery packs B230 and B300 allow users to flexibly customize the capacity base on their needs. Furthermore, they can be used as independent power sources since multiple outputs are built for versatile charging, including 1*18W USB-A QC3.0, 1*100W PD3.0 Type-C, and 1*12V/10A Cigarette Lighter.

The MPPT within B300 allows it to recharge speedy at a 200W Max. solar input. While with the T500 adapter, no need to connect with AC200MAX and AC300 power stations, the B230 and B300 can reach up to 500W AC input rate.

The magic charging box - BLUETTI D050S (DC Charging Enhancer).

B230 and B300 are sure to stand out over their competitors. They are totally qualified to be an independent power source. However, they can be leveraged to their full potential when teamed up with the D050S.

Other than solar charging, this DC Charging Enhancer enables more recharging methods for B230 and B300, such as 12/24V car charging, Lead-acid battery charging, and even AC charging. It boosts a 1400W Max. solar input for AC200MAX.

Now without the idle draw of the inverter, the discharge efficiency of such a Pure DC Solar Generator is expected to reach more than 95%. An excursionist doesn’t have to carry a whole set of BLUETTI products because only one battery pack is sufficient to power hungry devices on the road.

High Compatibility - Not just for the AC200MAX or AC300.

B230 and B300 were announced with AC200MAX and AC300, respectively. Yet they are also compatible with other modules like AC200, AC200P, EB150, and EB240 while connecting with D050S (AC300 only accepts B300 expansion battery pack). Increase the overall capacity anytime to survive blackouts and other emergencies.

LiFePO4 - The safest and most durable battery chemistry.

Safety and durability have been the top priorities before purchasing a power station. BLUETTI adopts the latest LiFePO4 technology to bring exceptional safety and reliability in so many different ways.

Compared to other expansion battery packs made from NCM chemistry in the market, B230 and B300 provides better electrochemical performance, lower resistance, as well as safer more stable cathode materials.

High-performance Features of LiFePO4

  • Long life cycle
  • Thermal stability
  • High efficiency
  • No maintenance
  • Higher current rating
  • Extra safety

More Units and Combos Worth Mentioning During BLUETTI Power Week 2022

BLUETTE has rounded up a wide range of solar generators and combos and is intended to help consumers achieve power independence whether staying at home or living an off-gird life.

Starts at A$7,799 (was A$8,949)

B230+PV350(Free D050S)
Starts at A$3,198 (was A$3,598)

2*B230(Free D050S)
Starts at A$3,999 (was A$4,599)

B300+PV350(Free D050S)
Starts at A$4,198 (was A$4,398)

2*B300(Free D050S)
Starts at A$5,999 (was A$6,199)

With over 10 years of industry experience, BLUETTI has tried to stay true to a sustainable future through green energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use while delivering an exceptional eco-friendly experience for everyone and the world. BLUETTI is making its presence in 70+ countries and is trusted by millions of customers across the globe. For more information, please visit BLUETTI online at https://www.bluettipower.com.au/.

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