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BLUETTI Releases Modular Solar Power Station – the AC 300 – in Australia

BLUETTI Releases Modular Solar Power Station – the AC 300 – in Australia
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BLUETTI AC300 was first announced in the US in Sep. 2021, with its accompanying B300 (3,072Wh) LFP battery pack. It soon became a trending portable solar generator throughout the United States.

Finally, the AC300+B300 combo commenced rolling out to Australia on May 5, 2022, and will officially hit shops on May 25!

Solar Vs. Gas Generators (Why Should Everyone Go Solar?)

Solar Generator:

  • No added noise/extremely quiet operation – 35dB (As quiet as a whisper)
  • Free, clean, endless renewable power source from the sun.
  • Increase your daily solar consumption 24/7
  • Extremely low maintenance (due to no moving part)
  • Seamless UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) when power outages occur

Gas/Propane Generator

  • Noisy operation ≥70dB (As loud as a washing machine)
  • Emissions, deadly toxic carbon monoxide (The generator must be used outside)
  • Higher carbon footprint – (Use fossil fuels for power)
  • Maintenance required – (Lots of moving parts to maintain)
  • Monthly fuel costs – (Fuel is not free like the sun)

Using a solar generator is using free energy from the sun instead of costly fossil fuels. You can constantly get this energy as long as the solar panels’ lifespan (usually around 25 to 30 years). Unlike most conventional fuel or gas generators, solar generators have no moving parts and do not use liquid fuel, which can significantly lower the maintenance fee.

Choosing this green solution also brings multiple benefits to the environment and health. While gas-powered generators produce annoying noise as well as air pollution that contributes to climate change and respiratory diseases.

Last but not least, BLUETTI’s heavy-duty solar generator AC300 weighs a mere 44lbs and B300 weighs 74lbs. Generally speaking, the less powerful the generator the lighter it usually weighs. However, solar generators are much more lightweight than gas-powered of the same power density.

Why Choose The BLUETTI AC300?

  • 100% modular and expandable for a total capacity of 12,288Wh (4*B300 battery modules required).
  • Splitting up a large combo into smaller parts can make it easier to transport.  
  • B300 uses top-of-the-range LFP cells which have 3500+ life cycles to 80% of the original capacity (In other words, putting the device through one cycle a day, means 10 years of service life).
  • Capable of receiving 2,400W of unrivaled MPPT solar charging input, it’s time to go full-time solar!
  • Packed with a 3000W pure sine wave inverter, it’s able to adjust the AC charging rate (no power brick is needed, one charging cable will do just fine).
  • The AC300 can be dual charged by solar and AC with 5400W MAX. input (2*B200 battery modules required).
  • Easy to control by BLUETTI App via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Where To Buy & How Is Delivery?

Without any built-in battery, AC300 can connect with the B300 external battery pack. Check out these units and other BLUETTI products on https://www.bluettipower.com.au/.

AC300+B300 now starts at $5199 (initial price is $5999, $800 OFF).

AC300+2* B300 starts at $7899 (initial price is $8999, $1100 OFF).

Orders will be delivered in 3 weeks from the purchase date, according to BLUETTI’s statement.

The Flagship AC200 MAX Is On Hot Sale

Being one of the best-sellers since its debut release, the AC200MAX is an all-around upgrade of the long-loved AC200P. Equipped with a 2,048Wh LFP battery pack, it's also compatible with either B230 or B300 battery modules to boost a total capacity of up to 8,192Wh!

With over ten years of experience in the energy storage industry, BLUETTI is committed to building the world's best power stations for van dwellers, explorers, and off-grid life. For more information, please visit https://www.bluettipower.com.au/

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