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C3STROM ASTRO blends motorbike spirit and e-bike ease of use

C3STROM ASTRO blends motorbike spirit and e-bike ease of use
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Two years ago C3STROM set out to develop a CLASS 3 e-bike. They wanted to bring the pleasure back to commuting. Founded by cycling and motorcycling enthusiasts in the concrete jungle that is Hong Kong, their aim was to create a unique e-bike in the sea of generic e-bikes, and it’s obvious as this e-bike does stand out from the crowd.

The goal of the C3STROM team was clear: motorbike vibes, e-bike ease of use, and practical function with an aesthetic to set their e-bike apart from all the competition. The ASTRO was born!

Given that the current market is flooded with e-bikes, one might think creating a whole new e-bike is easy. It’s not!

First, they started with the frame design. ASTRO is built around a robust 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame. Next, they needed a powerful motor and they sourced the best one. ASTRO is equipped with a Bafang 750-W geared rear-hub motor which propels the e-bike to 28 mph (45 km/h) in Class 3 street-riding mode and a maximum speed of 32 mph (51.5 km/h) when unlocked for off-road riding. Five levels of motor assist are available. This system automatically detects rider input, and an 8-speed derailleur is there to smooth out the ride and offer rider flexibility.

Currently, C3STROM offers two models. What sets the models apart is the battery capacity – 780 Wh (ASTRO) and 1,040 Wh (ASTRO PRO) long-life batteries, which use the latest Samsung 21700 cell. In ideal conditions, the ASTRO can reach 50 miles or 80 km and ASTRO PRO achieves an impressive 78 miles or 125 km riding range on a single charge. They also developed a 4-amp fast charger, to achieve the quickest charging – about 4-5 hours to fully charge the battery. Most e-bike companies have a 2-amp charger and charge a premium for the fast charger, this represents a good value from C3STROM.

C3STROM recognizes humans come in all shapes and sizes. Making a one size fits all package was no easy feat but their ASTRO design shows the level of attention to detail that went into making that a reality with this e-bike. The custom, gel-filled, motorcycle-inspired saddle is just about suitable for everyone.

What’s the word on the street with ASTRO?

George Gomez BACKER
Guys! I tried it out the C3STROM at BMEBIKES in Northridge and it was an amazing ride. Hands down bad as* ride. The seat cushion, the design, speed, all checked off my list. Only thing is putting mirrors on. But other than that you’d be riding in style. It is so sick. I’m glad I got to test ride it. This just got me more anxious on having to wait 4 more months.

robbywilke28 BACKER
Can’t wait

What are the reviewers saying.

Electrek.co Micah Toll: “Electric bicycles that blur the line with electric motorcycles and mopeds are an increasingly popular category of the e-bike industry. The latest new e-bike to take a full-throttle approach to this design philosophy is the C3STROM Astro. C3STROM is definitely packing both high-power looks and the high-power performance to match."

ElectricBikeReview.com: "A motorcycle inspired electric bike with premium integrated lights, turn signals, electronic horn, fenders, and adjustable high speed performance. Custom designed aluminum alloy frame, triple crown suspension fork, swept-back handlebar, gel saddle, and rear rack set the ASTRO apart from similar products. This one stuck out visually, it look like they had done something kind of unique and done a really good job."

Grab your own C3STROM ASTRO here, and check them out in the video below.

C3STROM is here. Ready to take you Ride to Freedom

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