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Hiboy's Electrifying Back-to-School Sale: Up to 70% Off & S2 at $299.99

Hiboy's Electrifying Back-to-School Sale: Up to 70% Off & S2 at $299.99
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Hiboy is back with its galvanizing Back-to-School sale. It is offering up to 70% discount on its products like electric scooters, electric bikes, and skateboards, and users can even avail of the hot-selling Hiboy S2 at just USD 299.99.



Hiboy is a leading name in the e-scooter industry. It has emerged as an electric mobility brand with multiple product lines that offer high-quality and high-performance electric scooters, electric bikes, and skateboards at unbeatable, economical, and competitive prices.

The good news is that Hiboy is back with a new campaign and warmly welcomes everyone back to its exciting Back-to-School campaign. As the summer comes to a close and the new semester approaches, get ready for an exciting Back-to-School Promotion by Hiboy!

When summer holidays come to an end, students approach September, and it's the time for them to return to school and college. The Back-to-School campaign helps create increased brand awareness so the target audience can fetch their favorite products at discounted and competitive prices.

Promotion Sale Details

With the ongoing Back-to-SChool campaign, people can visit the official page of Hiboy to find and select the desired product that best fits their needs and requirements. Hiboy has put all its chosen products on promotion sale, where users can find a wide range of electric scooters, electric bikes, kids' bikes, and electric skateboards.

People can even get an impressive discount of up to 70%, allowing customers to save significantly on their purchases.

For users looking forward to kickstarting their future journey with e-mobility, Hiboy has combined speed and style to be the center of attention on campus. The Hiboy S2 electric scooter is among the highest-selling e-scooters due to its top-notch features. People can now buy it at a heavily discounted price, with its surprising price drop to $299.99.

Hiboy S2 ▏Electric scooters for efficient commuting

Sharing your Story - Win Hiboy S2

With the campus sales, Hiboy is also offering a giveaway with grand prizes. Participate in the Hiboy Back to School Adventure Giveaway from 1st August to 15th August to kick off the school year with a bang and win a brand new Hiboy S2 electric scooter (First Prize). The runner-up (Second Prize) will get a coupon worth $150 off and an exclusive Accessory kit. Accessory Packs include phone holders and storage bags.

Get inspired by real stories and experiences shared by Hiboy users to join the Hiboy giveaway activity and embrace the Hiboy Family encouraging growth and support.

Join Hiboy Community to share the joy of riding and cherish unforgettable moments together. The Hiboy Back-to-School Sale page has invited people from the United States and Canada and has listed the participation rules to better the chances to win big. So now is the opportunity to participate and try your luck!

Hiboy's Vision: Creating Little Joys in Little Journeys 

Hiboy is focused on developing the best of the old with the best of the new to bring people simpler and more accessible transportation and help them rediscover the little joys of swiftly moving around the town. While growing up is an exciting experience for kids and everyone, it may take them away from the sheer simple pleasures of the younger days. But Hiboy sparks a sense of fun in its customers to be outside and enjoy the streets amidst their responsibilities.

Join the Hiboy Back-to-School Promotion

People can actively participate in the Hiboy promotion sale and grab a wide range of products at discounted rates. All the interested people can go to the official website of Hiboy or go to the Hiboy Back-to-School campaign link to access the promotion page directly and participate in the adventure giveaway.

Official Website: https://www.hiboy.com

Campaign link: https://www.hiboy.com/pages/sale

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