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No more Junk Emails: 7 Methods to Block Unwanted Emails

No more Junk Emails: 7 Methods to Block Unwanted Emails
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No more Junk Emails: 7 Methods to Block Unwanted Emails

Is your inbox cluttered with spam? It can be annoying when you can’t find the emails you’re actually looking for. Some spam emails even contain dangerous links or pixel tracking, which can pose risks to your online security. Thankfully, while you might not be able to eliminate these nuisance emails, you can reduce the amount of spam that ends up in your inbox.

Below are 7 tips to block junk email and protect yourself from cyber threats:

1) Utilize spam filters

Most email services come with built-in spam filters that can automatically detect and filter out spam emails. If an email meets certain criteria, these filters use algorithms to mark them as spam and get them out of your inbox. By making sure the spam filter is enabled in your email settings, half the work is already done automatically.

Some spam emails may still manage to get past your email's spam filter, though. But the good news is, you can train it to become better at recognizing spam. Simply mark any junk emails that get through to your inbox as spam and, over time, you’ll get fewer and fewer making it past the filter.

2) Block specific senders

You might notice that you receive a high volume of spam from certain email addresses. Block these senders. This will prevent them from sending any further emails to your inbox. Check your email settings for the option to block a sender or add their email address to your blocked list.

3) Avoid sharing your email address

You can reduce the amount of spam you receive by practicing good digital hygiene. Specifically, by keeping your email address private. It’s best to avoid sharing your primary email address whenever possible and instead create a second email address for online registration and subscriptions.

4) Unsubscribe from mailing lists

You might have already shared your email address with some spammers, though. Many of us end up on mailing and promotion lists, sometimes without even realizing we’ve agreed to it. These subscription newsletters can really clog up your inbox.

Go through your emails and unsubscribe from anything you don’t strictly need regular updates on. Rather than clicking any unsubscribe buttons you see though, we recommend you visit each website and unsubscribe from there. Scammers often hide malicious links behind inconspicuous unsubscribe buttons, hoping to annoy you enough to get you to click.

5) Remove your email from data broker sites

Unfortunately, your email address can end up in the wrong hands, spammers and scammers alike, without you necessarily sharing it yourself. Data brokers are companies that aggregate personal information such as contact details, addresses, financial data, and SSNs to then either publish online or sell off to third parties. These third parties include spammers.

  1. Track down which data brokers have your personal information with an online search.
  2. Send opt-out requests to each data broker.
  3. Repeat the opt-out process regularly as your data can appear on data broker databases over time.

6) Use anti-spam software

Anti-spam software can really take your inbox to the next level. Like the built-in spam filters, this software can help detect and filter out spam emails before they even reach your inbox. There are many options available, from free software to paid programs with advanced features. Do some research to find the best option for you.

7) Protect your personal information with Incogni

For an additional layer of protection, consider using Incogni to keep your email address and other personal information off the market. This data is valuable to data brokers. They scrape the internet for or purchase information such as your email, phone number, SSNs, home address, health records, and other data to sell to the highest bidder (including spammers), putting you at various risks, including identity theft.

Incogni is a personal information removal service that automatically looks for and removes your data from data broker and people search sites. It works in the background to keep your personal information private and out of the wrong hands.

Now, if you can sign up for a yearly subscription to Incogni you can enjoy an exclusive 50% off the normal price.

Say goodbye to spam

If you follow our tips, you’re guaranteed to see a major reduction in the number of spam emails you see in your inbox. It doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of your online life.