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Safeguard your digital life with Ultra Antivirus and VPN for $50

Safeguard your digital life with Ultra Antivirus and VPN for $50
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TL;DR: If you want to secure your devices, personal info, and online activities, you should consider getting Ultra Antivirus and VPN, now 71% off.

Using the internet is now an integral part of daily life, whether it’s for work or googling a quick question. Since being online leaves your digital life vulnerable, protect yourself and information with something like Ultra Antivirus and VPN.

This powerful duo can help give you some peace of mind and help protect you from cybercriminals. For a limited time, you can get this exclusive deal on your first year for only $49.99, originally a full $169.99—that’s a significant 71% savings.

Ultra Antivirus software includes zero-day threat protection, malware protection, polymorphic and metamorphic virus detection and repair, and even protection from inserting USB drives with potentially malicious software. As you browse the web, download new programs, or open attachments, you can worry a little less knowing you have this software constantly looking out for you.

This package also includes Ultra VPN. You’ll get access to over one thousand secure servers, industry leading encryption, and online anonymity and hidden IP addresses on all of your devices. This may be particularly helpful if you spend a lot of time on the web across multiple devices and often have to connect to unsecured networks.

You’ll also get PassWatch Password Manager to help you create, share, and save strong passwords and login details. No more stray sticky notes or text messages carrying your secure data. Also, your information will also be thoroughly screened through the Dark Web Scan feature. Get alerts if your personal info is ever detected on corners of the dark web.

It’s time to start taking your online security to the next level. Take advantage of this limited-time price drop and get Ultra Antivirus and VPN for only $49.99 (reg. $169.99) for your first year with an auto-renew policy in place, plus a few added perks.

Prices subject to change.