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‘SCORKL 2.0 – Electric’ mini-SCUBA system raises $500k on Kickstarter

‘SCORKL 2.0 – Electric’ mini-SCUBA system raises $500k on Kickstarter
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‘SCORKL 2.0 – Electric’, the new and improved mini SCUBA system developed by Australian company, SCORKL, has already received almost AUD $500k worth of pre-sales, with three days still remaining in their latest Kickstarter campaign which ends on Friday 8 September at 5pm EDT.

SCORKL first burst onto the scene back in 2017 when they offered, in a world-first, a lightweight, portable and affordable mini-scuba system that anyone could use. The Kickstarter launch campaign was one of the biggest of the year, catapulting the Melbourne-based company into the spotlight.

Back then, refilling the SCORKL underwater breathing apparatus was achieved by using a high-pressure hand pump. In the new-and-improved version, however, refilling the SCORKL has become much faster and easier with the introduction of a light-weight electric compressor into the range.

The new Electric Compressor refills the SCORKL in matter of minutes and can be powered not only by mains power (110V / 220V), but also by a 12V car or boat battery. SCORKL has also developed a Battery Pack add-on option, which means you can use 18V power tool batteries to power the compressor as well.

“Our new electric compressor is a game-changer”, says David Hallamore, Founder of SCORKL. “Normally, a full SCUBA system which includes breathing equipment plus an air compressor, costs anywhere between AUD $15,000 - $50,000 (USD $9,500 –$33,000). The SCORKL, however, is selling for AUD $300 (USD $199), and our new electric compressor for AUD $1,150 (USD $749), which means that anyone can now have access to a comparable set-up for less than AUD $1,500 (USD $1,000). That’s a tenth of the price!”

The ‘SCORKL 2.0 – Electric’ Kickstarter campaign flew through its funding goal in the first day, which means that the production process has already been confirmed to initiate in October. The first units are expected to be delivered in March 2024.

With a maximum recommended depth of 6m (20ft), and no requirement to be a certified diver to use the SCORKL, opportunity awaits for all water-lovers with an appetite for underwater adventures.

Early-bird Kickstarter prices are still available HERE but will end soon.

Introducing: 'SCORKL 2.0 - Electric'