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An ultra-light folding e-bike for urban commuters: ADO Air

An ultra-light folding e-bike for urban commuters: ADO Air
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ADO E-bike will launch an ultra-light folding e-bike for urban commuters: ADO Air, which is lightweight, super portable and has a long range - just 16 kg and a 100km range.

It is built on a carbon belt and torque sensor and is powered by a removable Samsung battery under the seat post. With hydraulic disc brakes, IPS display and Smart APP, the design is premium, practical and safe. Powerful performance combined with a lightweight design and high portability make the ADO Air the most competitive urban commuter e-bike.

1. Lightweight, Portable and Long Range

These are the features that matter most to urban commuters! Lightness, portability and long distances are the biggest highlights of the ADO Air! It folds down in a very simple and efficient design and is small enough to be carried into buses and subways and steps to reach the office in a refreshing manner. It fits into the car boot on weekend trips, saving space while taking care of last-mile worries.

The Samsung battery in the seat tube contains 21,700 cells, 36v 10Ah, and is fully charged in 4-6 hours, also you can choose to charge it inside or remove it as needed. With its 100km battery range, this is perfectly adequate for commuters for 3-4 days, or even 5 days depending on the commuting distance of course.

2. Minimalist Design and Colorful Options

The ADO Air's advanced wiring concealment technology is simple and beautiful. Here are three color options: Ivory, Pastel blue, and Indigo Grey.

In addition, due to the different rules of the road in different countries, it is available in a version that complies with European standards and can be used for riding on European roads, complete with SGS CE certificate. Also, there is another version with throttle for your choice.

3.Carbon Belt and Torque Sensor

For commuters, it is important to be able to save time on maintenance. Carbon belt offer the advantage of being rust-free, maintenance-free and oil-free, while allowing for a smoother and quieter ride. In short, it is a more advanced riding experience.

Complex gear-shifting techniques aside, it is very easy to operate. Because it has a 37 N.m motor and torque sensor system, you don't have to shift the gears, just pedal and it will provide you with a super smooth and powerful response for a very smooth and comfortable riding experience.

4. IPS Display and Smart App

Commuters will encounter rainy weather. The 360° color display, with its oleophobic layer screen and IPX7 moisture protection, will stand up to bad weather. The large color screen allows you to set 3 power modes and switch the lighting on and off. During the ride, data such as speed, battery level and mileage are displayed and the efficiency and status of the ride can be monitored.

You can also download the ADO APP on your phone and bind the bike via Bluetooth so that you can unlock the bike, turn on the lighting, monitor the cycling data and also display the route navigation function of the APP on the IPS display. In addition, in the APP you can find the after-sales service window, where a professional will be available to help you at any time.

5. Hydraulic brakes and Safety

Safety is also important, which is why it has hydraulic disc brakes that give the rider a quick and effective response in any situation. IPX5 water resistance factor throughout the bike makes it possible to ride with peace of mind even in rainy conditions.

6. ADO QTL SGS Lab Tested

Quality is in all the details. ADO Labs is the first SGS QTL lab in the e-bike industry and every component and feature of the ADO Air 20 has been tested tens of thousands of times by ADO Labs, with the aim to design the minimalist and most efficient folding e-bike to meet the higher quality needs of the commuters!

Built to meet the requirements of urban commuters, ADO Air is lightweight and super portable, making it an excellent choice for carrying the tools you need for your daily commute. The removable Samsung battery is optimised for long rides, the torque sensor and carbon belt are premium performance, and the smart features make riding easier. ADO Air is worth it.

ADO Air 20 will soon be available on indiegogo and you can fill out a subscription via the link for a chance to get 40% off the early bird price! Can't wait for it?

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