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Upgrade your speaker to Roam SL and get three months of Apple Music

Upgrade your speaker to Roam SL and get three months of Apple Music
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TL;DR: Enjoy mind-bendingly realistic surround sound with the Era 300 by Sonos, or up your listening game on the go with the Roam SL by Sonos, which boasts a small design made to deliver clear, fantastic sound. With the Roam SL, you’ll also get three months of Apple Music with your purchase!

Don’t settle for ordinary sound. Made with high-quality portable listening in mind, the Roam SL by Sonos is lightweight, waterproof, and shock-absorbent — ready to handle any of your adventures. You also get three months of Apple Music with your purchase for premium listening. And for those looking for a more heavy-duty spatial listening experience, the Era 300 by Sonos is made for you.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, “If you want to keep your brain engaged throughout the aging process, listening to or playing music is a great tool.” And it’s only right that you should be listening to your music through a speaker made with the understanding of what music means to us.

Sonos has created speakers ready to tag along on your outdoor travels and sit tight in your favorite room for completely immersive surround sound. The Roam SL and Era 300 feature precision-engineered acoustics that deliver clarity and depth so you can listen to your music as it was meant to.

The Roam SL was designed to sound amazing from every side. That means you can place it vertically if you have limited space and horizontally if you need it to be more stable. Either way, the sound will adapt to the speaker’s orientation for the best listening experience. Meanwhile, the Era 300 has custom waveguides that accurately distribute sound in all directions, which you can truly feel all around your space as you listen.

Both speakers boast expansive battery life so that you can enjoy your favorite music, radio, podcasts, and more all day. Listen from the comfort of your home with WiFi and the Sonos app, and stream from everywhere else via Bluetooth. They also feature Apple AirPlay 2 to send sound directly from your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and is controllable via Siri.

As an added bonus, your Roam SL purchase includes three months of Apple Music. You can stream over 100 million songs ad-free across all your devices.

Revel in the magic of music no matter where you roam with speakers made to enhance your listening experience.

Get your own Sonos Roam SL and enjoy three months of Apple Music with your purchase. Or, for music lovers looking to fully immerse themselves in their favorite tunes, get the Sonos Era 300.

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