A little more than a year ago, Gizmag featured an Indiegogo campaign that was marketing Sprayable Energy, which delivered a caffeine hit through the skin. Now the same company, Sprayable, has launched another campaign for a spray claimed to do the opposite – it puts you to sleep. Gizmag got a sample of Sprayable Sleep to put these claims to the test.

Sprayable Sleep utilizes melatonin, which is a chemical that humans produce naturally to control our night-day cycle. According to the company, current oral melatonin pills, which are a common administration for aiding sleep, often contain 10 to 100 times more of the chemical than is necessary. Sprayable uses a fraction of the sleep-inducing juice, which the company claims will enter the body "gently and smoothly" over time as it gradually permeates the skin. While overdosing on melatonin is incredibly unlikely, even in oral use, the company still has a disclaimer saying, "do not exceed 8 sprays in 24 hours."

"It definitely does run the risk of being a little too effective for some people," says Ben Yu, one of the co-founders of Sprayable. "Since it absorbs steadily through the skin, some people have reported that despite sleeping really well, they end up needing more sleep than they planned for, and consequently when they force themselves awake before their bodies are ready to wake up with an alarm clock, they do still feel a little groggy.”

The difference, as the company sees it, is that Sprayable Sleep emulates the body’s natural melatonin production, bypassing the digestive system and making the application more natural than taking the chemical in pill form.

The initial application was a bit off-putting for me, as I'm not generally accustomed to sprays or colognes, but after the initial wince of uncertainty, the application process was smooth. I was pleasantly surprised that there was no stickiness to the formula, and the company claims it is odorless as well. While this was mostly true, there was a light, new-car-esque smell, though this may have been from manufacturing rather than the formula itself.

Application is recommended either on each side of the neck or each wrist an hour before bed. My wife and I trialled it over a few nights and, while I only experienced mildly-heavy eyes after administration, my wife was out within twenty minutes. There was little odor and the mist was easy to apply. This method of application certainly feels more natural than pills, but as can be expected, results will vary.

One bottle costs US$15, and contains enough of the insomnia killer to last one month. Sprayable Sleep already has over US$125,000 raised on the Indiegogo campaign, with 31 days still to go. If it keeps this pace, Sprayable Sleep will leave its predecessor in its wake.

The campaign pitch video can be seen below.

Source: Sprayable

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