Although tripods are an essential photography tool, the things can be a bit of a hassle. That's why edelkrone has introduced the simpler StandPLUS, which the company emphasizes is not a tripod.

On a regular tripod, each of the three legs has to be extended and locked individually. Additionally, even in their telescoped-down state, full-sized tripods are typically still a few feet long, and can thus be rather awkward to carry.

By contrast, the StandPLUS simply unfolds to chest height and down again within a few seconds – when folded up, it measures about 20 inches (508 mm) long. A wheeled three-armed spreader on the bottom quickly also folds out to provide stability, with a piano-pedal-like foot stand being used to hold it in place.

While it does appear to be handy for indoor applications, the StandPLUS doesn't look like it would do particularly well on uneven outdoor surfaces. Additionally, it's not clear whether or not the camera can be panned, or if its level can be adjusted.

edelkrone informs us that the StandPLUS will be released this summer (Northern Hemisphere), at which time pricing will be announced. In the meantime you can see a short demo of it, in the video below.

Source: edelkrone via Fstoppers