Companies the world over are clamoring to release licensed merchandise ahead of the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The recent Force Friday saw numerous products launched on an expectant public, but while most are priced between a few dollars and a few hundred dollars, rarer items come with a heftier price tag. One example of the latter is the limited-edition Star Wars watch from Devon, which will set Star Wars fans with very deep pockets back US$28,500.

Star Wars by Devon is actually based on the Devon Thread 1 model, but with plenty of Star Wars details added to ensure it will delight fans. Owners will be able to spot Darth Vader's helmet, the wings of a TIE Fighter, and the Imperial Crest embossed on the crown.

With or without the Star Wars styling, this watch is a beast. It's 61.2 mm (2.4 inches) wide by 66.3 mm (2.6 inches) high by 22.1 mm (0.87 inches) deep, is made from 316L stainless steel, and has a true black diamond-like coating. The lens is made from a scratch-resistant polycarbonate strong enough to withstand a hit from a bullet.

Other features likely to excite watch fanatics include 2-micron thin nylon time belts, micro-step motors, lubricant-free ruby bearings, a temperature-compensated crystal, and an onboard microprocessor. It's all powered by a lithium-polymer rechargeable cell which lasts for up to two weeks on one charge and can be wirelessly recharged through an inductive charging tower.

It won't shock you to learn that there are only going to be 500 Star Wars by Devon watches produced, and each will be numbered to ensure authenticity. As previously mentioned, each Star Wars by Devon watch is priced at $28,500 plus shipping and taxes. If you have that sort of money to spend on a watch, this particular one is available to pre-order now.

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