Kicking pavement to speed through city streets is so last century. Today's skaters can truck along effortlessly with the help of electric motors and wireless remotes. Some boards don't even need a handheld controller to "know" when to speed up and slow down, using onboard sensors to detect rider intent. Like the StarkBoard, which makes use of weight and motion sensors to get you rolling.

Stark Mobility says its sensor-packed electric skateboard can be mastered in just 3 minutes, and simply involves stepping on, leaning forward and moving off – "the StarkBoard is completely controlled by your body's natural movements."

The electric drive setup uses a combination of a gyro and four weight and motion sensors to control speed, while a monitoring system keeps watch over the ride, looking for changes in body movement and adjusting the ride accordingly. A top speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and a range of 12 miles (20 km) per charge is not going to thrill compete against the likes of the Evolve Bamboo GTX, but it should still get the wind blowing against your cheeks and not having to grip a hand remote makes for a more natural ride.

Stark reckons that its electric board's hub motors should be capable enough to handle 15 percent inclines and rough terrain, and intelligent braking system will stop you rolling back down the hill if it proves too steep. Usefully, the battery pack is removable, so riders could carry a fully charged spare in a backpack to extend the adventure.

The StarkBoard is made from maple ply, ABS and steel, with handy carry holes in the deck, and has LED lighting front and back for after hours cruising. Though it will come ready to ride out of the box, its makers have developed a mobile app to tweak ride modes, check battery status and log ride stats.

Stark Mobility is currently raising production funds over on Indiegogo to bring its electric skateboard into production. Pledges start at US$499, and if all goes to plan, delivery is set to start in February 2018. The pitch video below has more on the project.

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